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So Where are We Scuba Diving?

Whether you're learning the ropes or an experienced diver hunting for the big species of the region, we've got a dive site for you.
If you're already certified, you'll find that most of the operators run daily trips, in which you'll make 2 dives.
You may wish to check that the operator offers insurance for your own peace of mind, and that they also provide relatively new and well maintained equipment. One store, 'The Dive Shop' in Chaweng, even lend their fun divers a dive computer for the day at no extra charge.
Other questions to ask should be -
Do they have a limit on the maximum amount of divers on their boat and do they have a maximum number of divers per group. There's no point coming all this way, just to get lost in the crowd!

There are three main diving areas visited by dive operators based in Koh Samui.

Koh Tao - Dive Site
thailand diving site koh tao thailandThe main attraction of Koh Tao and perhaps the region is Chumpon Pinnacle. The pinnacle starts at around 15m down and reaches down to beyond 30m. This is your best bet to see larger marine life. Especially Grey Reef sharks, very large Potato Cod and Grouper and Bull sharks are also sighted regularly here. Also if you're lucky enough to catch a view of a Whale Shark during your stay, Chumpon is the most likely place you will see one, along with the famous Sail Rock.
Koh Tao is dotted with many other dive sites ranging from more pinnacle dives, to bay and reef dives. Amongst the more noted are Green Rock with its maze of swimthroughs, Red Rock, where you can sometimes see turtles and stingrays and White Rock and Twins, some of the smaller pinnacle dive sites.
There are some lovely bay sites which offer a perfect learning environment for first timers or for a shallow second dive after the depths of Chumpon Pinnacle. These include Mango Bay, Japanese Gardens and Aow Leuk.
Speedboat journey time from Koh Samui are around 1 Hr 30 Min.
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Sail Rock - Dive Site
thailand dive site Sail RockSail Rock is a large granite pinnacle which is situated mid distance between the islands of Koh Tao and Koh Pha Ngan. The pinnacle emerges 12m above the water surface and goes down to around 28m in places. The main topographical feature is 'The Chimney', a spacious vertical swim-through with entrances / exits at 6m, 12m and 18m. Often spotted here are large schools of Barracuda, Mackerel, Big eye Trevally and Batfish. Whilst shark sightings are rare, Whale sharks are spotted here with similar regularity to sightings at Chumpon Pinnacle.
Due to the distance to other dive sites, operators do both dives at Sail Rock on the day trip. One advantage Sail Rock has over Chumpon is the longer dive times, in the shallows up to 10m or even 5m toward the end of the dive you will still be right amongst the marine life.
Speedboat journey time from Koh Samui : 45mins - 1hr

Marine Park - dive site
angthong national marine park dive siteThe National Marine Park is generally shallower than the top divesites around Koh Tao and at Sail Rock which generally means the visibility is not as clear. However, fishing is limited here, and so there is an incredible variety of marine life.
Barracuda are often seen here as well as plenty of Angel fish and Butterfly fish amongst the coral. Porcupine Puffer fish, Morays and Blue Spotted stingrays are regularly found amongst the rocks and Banded sea snakes also make the dive sites of the marine park their home.
Speedboat journey time from Koh Samui : 45mins - 1hr

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