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Think about what you want from your Ko Samui resorts vacation. Young couples seeking a private, romantic and tranquil setting will probably be happiest staying at a medium-sized hotel or a bungalow resort in Mae Nam, Bophut, Choeng Mon, Coral Cove, or anywhere on the southern or western coasts. Families with active and sports-loving youngsters, and those who don't want to be more than a few minutes from nightlife and shopping, might opt for Chaweng, located on the east coast.

Ko Samui hotels on Chaweng Beach
Chaweng beach

Chaweng is the largest tourist resort on Koh Samui. It has two big attractions, one is the beautiful sloping beach of white sand, superb for swimming and snorkeling. Watersports are available at several locations, including dive centers, jet skiing, para sailing and waterskiing.
Beach vendors sell food and souvenirs. During the months of January through to April, the sea can be rough but on these occasions other sheltered beaches can be easily reached.

The other attraction is the 'Strip', a road running behind the beach where there are numerous shops selling an assortment of merchandise, souvenirs, clothes, tailors, pharmacies etc, also many restaurants of varying prices and ethnicity, the choice is huge. These are all open very late, and there are several night spots with entertainment, dancing and live music until the early hours. Taxis can be taken to and from the other resorts, they are frequent and easily obtained.

The island's liveliest resort area, it is home to many of Samui's larger hotels with their recreational options, as well as Samui's most robust commercial center, with its many restaurants, bars, nightclubs and discotheques. Further south but also on the east coast, Lamai is almost as bustling as Chaweng, but the lodgings tend to be built on a smaller scale and are more economical

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Ko Samui resorts on Maenam Beach
Maenam beach
Maenam is more laid back, and cheaper, than other resorts, and there is not much in terms of nightlife.
There is a 4 kilometer sandy beach, with lots of watersports activities, fishing trips are also easily arranged. Souvenir sellers and food vendors stroll the beach which is lined by small restaurants. There are unspoilt views of the neighbouring Koh Phangan island.

The village has two main streets with several small restaurants and shops. Maenam is one of those places on Samui where life carries on regardless of visitors, who are made most welcome, so Thai life can be observed. There are many pleasant walks and cycle rides in the hills above the village for nature lovers.
For people who want a quiet peaceful holiday but with the occasional venture to some bright lights, Chaweng is easily accessible.

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Choeng Mon
Koi Samui Choeng Mon Beach
Choeng Mon beach
Choeng Mon is a beautiful bay with a lovely sandy white beach lined with casuarina trees and some small restaurants. There is a small island opposite that can be reached at low tide.

On the main road nearby there are shops, tailors and a selection of restaurants serving Thai and western cuisine. For those wanting nighlife Chaweng is a 10 minutes taxi drive away.

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Laem Set
Ko samui hotels on Laem Set Beach
Laem Set Beach

Laem Set is a very secluded unspoilt quiet area just beyond the village of Ban Hua Thanon. It is quite rocky which means good snorkeling, there is a long reef, but perhaps not such good swimming. It has great atmosphere and nature lovers will find this part of the island idyllic, specially as there are several places of interest nearby to visit, a snake farm, butterfly farm and tiger, aquarium and bird sanctuary, as well as two health spas.

Within walking distance is the Muslim fishing village of Ban Hua Thanon where there is a market, and the intricately painted boats of the fishermen can be seen.

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Nathon Town
Thailand shopping in Nathon town
The islands capital Nathon town

Nathon is the island's capital, it has two main roads operating on a one way system. There are several banks, Samui's main post office, money exchanges and a variety of shops. There is a large pier with lots of boats ferrying in supplies, a small bus terminal, and a food market. Taxis there will go to any other part of the island. Souvenirs can be bought cheaper than at the other resorts. Along the road running beside the sea are several small restaurants which serve excellent Thai food. Nathon is well worth visiting to get a feel of true Thai life.

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koh samui hotels on Lamai Beach
Lamai beach
Lamai is the second largest entertainment district on Samui and is excellent for those seeking a lively holiday. For daytime it has a beautiful beach lined with palm trees and small restaurants. Lamai is fringed by large green hills. There is an assortment of beach activities, snorkeling, jet skiing etc, with vendors selling food and souvenirs along the beach.

On the road at the back of the beach are many shops, tailors, massage parlours etc. as well as many different restaurants serving Thai, European,
koh samui resorts on Lamai Beach
Lamai beach sign

Japanese and many other types of food.
At night the choice is very varied with lots of hostess bars, nightclubs with live music and bars showing all the latest national football games along with alot more.

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thailand holiday options on Bophut Beach
Bophut beach
Bophut has a reputation for peace and quiet. It is in part, a typical Thai village, but it has cuisine and architecture in some places that give it a mediteranean feeling. It has a pretty main street comprising of old Chinese wooden shop houses, many converted into stylish boutiques and restaurants of many nationalities, French, German, Italian and Spanish included.

The beach there has watersports and a pier. Bophut is a great place to dine as there is alot of variety. Even staying elsewhere and having a stroll along its small main street after dinner is romantic, peaceful and gives all the flavour of the East.

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Chaweng Noi
tropical resort choices on Chaweng Noi Beach
Chaweng Noi beach
Located south of Chaweng beach. Chaweng Noi is a curving sandy beach in a rocky bay. The beach is lined with palm trees and has many small restaurants towards the south of the beach. It makes for an ideal location for those wanting a quieter alternative to its lively big sister Chaweng.

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Coral Cove
koi samui hotels on Coral Bay
Coral Cove bay
Coral Cove is located half-way between the main resorts Chaweng and Lamai where the road climbs and dips around the coastline. There are two small sandy beaches which are hemmed in by Jurassic style bolders and rocks. This area is one of the best for snorkeling around Samui.

There are a few restaurants attached to bungalow resorts. Nightlife can be found in Chaweng and Lamai, about a 10 minute taxi drive to both ways.

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Ban Taling Ngam
thailand holiday resorts and samui beaches on Ban Taling Ngam
Ban Taling Ngam bay

A remote secluded area ideal for those who want perfect peace and no distractions other than the beauty of the scenery and views over the sea to the islands and mainland.

There is a flat sandy beach but you have to be careful as the coral can sometimes make swimming difficult.

Lipa Noi
koi samui hotel on Lipa Noi Beach
Lipa Noi beach

South of Nathon, the main town, at Thong Yang beach is one of the best places on the island to see the beautiful sunset.

There is a wonderful beach too, fringed by palm tress and the water is shallow, so it is very safe for children and those nervous in deep water.
Nightlife is very subdued.

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