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Frequntly Asked Questions

Q.When is the best time of year to visit Samui ?
A:The cool season from January to February is generally the best time, as the temperature is not too hot - around 79F / 26C.

Q. When is the rainy season?
A: Generally speaking, it's between late October through to mid December.

Q. What temperatures should I expect?
A: Eat your heart out Jack Frost, the temperatures in Koh Samui are warm all year-round. Day time average: 82F/ 28C. Night time averages: 72F/ 22C.

Q. Is the drinking water safe? What about the ice cubes?
A: All restaurants and almost all the little roadside stands serve bottled water and clean factory-made ice cubes. Vegetables are washed in tap water, but are safe when cooked. You may want to avoid eating raw ones.

Q. What time do the taxis (songtheaws) stop running?
A: In Chaweng and Lamai taxis are available into the early hours. Between towns and resorts they stop running at about 9pm, after that it easy to charter a taxi.

Q. How much should I tip?
A: Many restaurants and hotels add a service charge to their bills, but this does not always go to their staff in the form of cash. It may be used to offset housing or other benefits they receive. Thai patrons who are satisfied with the service they receive, usually leave a gratuity of around 10%, which is much appreciated. You might tip a bellhop 20-40 baht. It is not necessary to tip taxi drivers unless they are exceptionally helpful. Nor is it necessary to tip.

Q. Where are best beaches?
A: For wide sandy stretches and lots of activity including water sports, strolling vendors and ambient music from beachside bars, try Chaweng or Lamai. For equally spacious but more tranquil stretches, visit the beaches of Maenam. For smaller, more out-of-way seaside hideaways, explore the southern and western coasts.

Q. I have a severe case of diarrhea. Could it be serious?
A: Probably not, however a visit to a doctor or a clinic is a good idea if you want to reassure yourself. Otherwise simply go to a pharmacy and they will prescribe effective medication that will ease your discomfort within hours.

Q.What should I do if I have an accident?
A: Call the tourist police immediately, and if there were any witnesses, try to get them to remain there until the police arrive.

Q. I'm shopping for a souvenir. How do I know if I'm paying a fair price?
A: Competition amongst merchants is high, and it makes no sense for them to charge double the fair price. Shop around for the item you want. You will quickly know who is overcharging. Settle on one shop and try to negotiate a discount (maybe 15%-30%). Remember to bargain with a smile! There are also now a few specialist souvenir stores these places often have fixed prices on items.

Q. To whom do I go with a serious problem?
A: To the Tourist Police (Ph: 1699 or 077 42 1281)

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