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Marrying Legally in Thailand
Following are the steps that comprise the service we offer to assist you in making your marriage legal. This will also give you an idea of what is necessary if you would like to tackle the proceedure yourself. However if you would prefer to spend your time in the Kingdom enjoying its pleasures, why not allow us to handle the details?

First we must verify and endorse your marital status. So the process starts with a visit to your country's embassy in Bangkok. Every embassy has its own form for this and regulations.Our representative will help you arrange the meeting. You will need to take your passports and two photocopies of the passport pages that have your photo, as well as photographs.

You should plan to arrive in Bangkok at least 6 working days prior to your planned wedding day. This will give our representative there enough time to process the documents and translation.

If neither of you has been widowed or divorced, no other documents from your embassy will be required. However if either has been previously married, you will need to give our Bangkok representative documents attesting to that fact.

If you would like to get this visit to the embassy out of the way on the day of your arrival, make sure that day is not a Thai holiday or a holiday in your country. All embassies close for both Thai holidays and their own countries'!

Our representative will either meet you at your embassy to pick up the sworn statements which will have been duly endorsed and stamped by your Consulate, or you can sign power of attorney allowing us to pick the documents up for you. The reason being is that based on your nationality the embassy can take up to 4 days to process your documents and this allows you to continue with your holiday immediately.

Legal marriage in Thailand
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Our agent will have the documents officially translated as required by law, and will then take them to the Ministry of Foreign affairs in Bangkok for their endorsement. This will take about 4 working days. The completed documents are sent by express one-day mail to Koh Samui.

Once we have received the documents here at our office, we take them to the local City Hall official who checks them for accurany. This takes about two days.

Finally, we arrange for the City Hall official to be present at your ceremony, where he will ask you to state your names and professions and one or two other simple questions. He or she will then present you with your marriage certificate. After you sign this, you are officially married as required by Thai Law. To ensure your marriage is officially recognised in your own country, it is also a good idea to have us translate the marriage certificate into English (or your native language). We may need to have this document forwarded onto you if you will be leaving Samui soon after your ceremony.

The cost of this fully comprehensive legal service is just 20,000 Baht (25,000 Baht for Australian nationals) which comparable to the amount you could pay staying in Bangkok for 6 days yourselves, not to mention the peace of mind that goes with it.

For more information on legal marriage in Thailand please visit our dedicated web site for
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